Congress Secretariat will be open from 08h00 to 18h00


  • All posters should be on display until the end of your poster presentation, when they should be taken off.
  • Poster presenters must attend the Session scheduled by the scientific committee (Oct 18 from 18h50 to 20h20 and Oct 20 from 10h00 to 11h30) when posters will be viewed by Poster Evaluators.
    • Poster Session 1: You should fix your poster at the time you arrive at the Convention Center on Oct 17 and take it off at the end of the session on Oct 18 (20h00).
    • Poster Session 2: You should fix your poster on Oct 19 (morning), and take it off at the end of the session on Oct 20, at 11h30.


The Certificates will be sent by email to the participants and lecturers in pdf.


The course certification will be given for the participants with at least 2 classes attendance.

Media Desk

Media desk will be open from 08h00 to 18h00. All speakers are requested to leave the material at Media Desk at least two hours before presentations. All rooms have data show. If you need any other equipment, please inform Media Desk as soon as possible. Lecturers presenting talks at 08h00 should leave their material at the Media Desk the day before the presentation.


The use of badge is mandatory for all activities and circulation areas in the Convention Center, Hotel Rafain.


Abstracts presented at the poster session will be available at SBFTE website ( and SBFTE 2019 Congress APP.


  • Dinner

We will be announcing soon!

  • Social Event: Dinner/dance party (to all attendees)

Other social/networking events to be announced soon!