Hotel Sibara Flat & Convenções (Sibara Hotel SPA & Conventions)

Av. Brasil, 1500
Centro - 88330-901
Balneário Camboriú/SC

Hotel Sibara Flat & Convenções (Sibara Hotel SPA & Conventions)

Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenes (Sibara Hotel SPA & Conventions) is in the center of Balneário Camboriú, one of the main tourist destinations of the Brazilian coast, just 100 meters from the sea and close to a vibrant commerce with shops, bars and varied restaurants. Therefore, it is the perfect option for those traveling for pleasure or business. Whatever your need, the Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenções will serve you perfectly. The location, the service and all the details were thought and created aiming at your convenience, comfort and satisfaction. The hotel also has a complete structure: heated swimming pools, thermal pool, hydro, dry and steam sauna, bar, restaurant, games room and gym, ironing service and mini kitchen.


IMPORTANT: SBFTE Secretariat will only be responsible for the Hotel Reservation for International and National Invited Speakers, Board of Directors, Members of the Deliberative Council and SBFTE Jovem and Secretariat. 

Accommodation fees (discounted rate for SBFTE2024 attendees)

Sibara Hotel SPA & Conventions is offering a voucher to guests of the 56th Brazilian Congress of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (SBFTE) and the II National Symposium on Pain. The voucher provides a 10% discount off the website fee. Use the code SBFTE2024 after selecting your room category through:

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